Young beautiful pregnant woman with long dark hair.Experienced Expectations, LLC recognizes that expectant parents desire both wisdom and knowledge regarding pregnancy and childbirth, for the parenting journey begins even before the birth of your precious baby!

Here at Experienced Expectations, our goal is to provide holistic prenatal education for the last months of pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and the early postpartum period.  We recognize that the more parents-to-be and coaches know about these various stages, the more they can stay present, mindful and involved throughout the pregnancy and birthing process.  The old saying “Knowledge is Power” is true, especially in regard to labor preparation.

used with permission  "Captured Memories" 2011

used with permission
“Captured Memories” 2011

Our desire is to develop and strengthen each mother’s inner ability to trust her body, increase her knowledge and feel confident about her upcoming birth experience.  Childbirth is a normal event in women’s lives!

Experienced Expectations also recognizes that parents-to-be should always be heard, treated with respect, and know their questions will be answered with professional and honest answers.  Better communication and understanding leads to greater trust, calmness and comfort overall!  Conversation is welcomed and encouraged in class, as it helps assist parents to determine the birthing techniques and birthing options that are best for them during the labor and delivery of their child.