Used with Permission “Captured Memories” 2011

Testimonials are taken from class evaluations and from thank you notes received from couples who have completed the birthing classes.  Due to confidentiality, names from the testimonials have been omitted.

“This lamaze class had a very comfortable setting and was fun.  My questions were answered”

“The birth classes are fun, engaging, non stressful and extremely informative.  Sara made an “awkward” subject very approachable and comfortable.”

“It was so good to have a birth class conveniently located in Harrisonburg.  We didn’t want to have to travel to far and your birth class was nice and close.  Thanks

“Sara’s sense of humor and honesty during the class is great”

“The birthing classes cover a broad variety of topics.  They were not focused on only natural births or only medicated births.  The topics were all very useful for labor preparation.”

new born infant asleep in the blanket in delivery room“Sara provides good visuals and enthusiasm.  She is very knowledgeable and encouraging.  Thank you ☺

“My husband & I relied heavily upon the teaching we received in your Lamaze Classes as we worked to bring our daughter into the world.  The words & ideas shared in class rang clearly in my mind throughout the entire labor.  You serve as a model & guide to so many women, and we are tremendously blessed by your work.” 

“The birth classes are great for revealing the unknown, helping to decide what we want, what we can ask for and feeling better prepared for this awesome experience!”

“We want you to know what a positive difference your birthing classes made to us.  We went from anxious and uninformed newbies, to feeling more confident and relaxed about delivery than we thought possible.  You’re providing a truly valuable service!”

“The teacher is both informative and lively.  Sara has obvious knowledge and passion. She made coming to class an anticipated event.  Thank you!”

testimonial page“We loved the openness and handouts.  The birth preparation classes are informative.  The atmosphere is friendly and open.”

“Classes are well planned and the material was paced appropriately. They’re relaxed, friendly and accurate.  Plus, Sara’s enthusiastic and made class fun!”

“This class was very informative, from all aspects of “childbirth”, and helped put educated or experienced knowledge into perspective on an array of labor techniques.  Sara was professional, but very personable.  She encouraged questions and participation.  She didn’t deliver dry medical speeches, but spoke in layman terms, like she was story telling.  She was a lot of fun and easy to understand.  She kept our attention—no yawning! ☺

“We really enjoyed being a part of Sara’s Lamaze class!  I highly recommend her as a birthing instructor.  It’s been extremely informative and has greatly lessened our fear of going though this birthing process.  Thanks, Sara.”

“Sara is awesome! There’s great information, but even better delivery.  She’s very good at answering questions.  Outstanding!

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