Why Take Childbirth Classes


Used with Permission, Captured Memories 2011

Used with Permission, Captured Memories 2011

When a person has any sort of discomfort (i.e. contractions), it can lead to anxiety, which in turn leads to overall muscle tension.  Over time, muscle tension has been shown to increase various pain and bodily aches, which can lead again to more anxiety.

At Experienced Expectations, our goal is to stop the above cycle, by providing both mothers-to-be and coaches with professional, solid education about what occurs in her body during the later months of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and during the postpartum period.  The more one knows about what is happening, the options they have, and the various birthing techniques they can draw upon, the greater sense of overall control and peace that they will have during their birth experience.

Mother Holding Newborn Infant In HospitalAlthough expectant parents cannot always totally plan how their labor and birth will unfold, we believe mothers and coaches can greatly influence their experience overall.  Experienced Expectations is aimed at both those hoping to receive minimal medical intervention and/or a natural birth, as well as for those who plan to receive an epidural as soon as possible.  By providing couples with a wide range of labor techniques, they are able to determine which style and techniques are right for them.  There is no right or wrong way to have a baby!

By taking birthing classes/ lamaze classes, expectant parents and coaches alike feel more educated, informed and strengthened in their ability to stay connected, present and mindful during the birth process.  Mothers and coaches will leave class feeling knowledgeable, excited and empowered about the resources they have and the upcoming birth of their precious new baby.